About Us

We are a husband-and-wife team composed of concerned citizens of the United States of America. Charles has worked in retail and HVAC for the last decade and Emily works in the defense sector. Over the course of the last ten years we have discussed a number of relevant topics to the current status quo of our nation and the community in which we live. We started this blog to share some of our ideas and concerns in hopes that our generation will take up the fight for justice in the context of real issues we see everyday. We want to bring some common sense and clarification about our ideals to the political identity of people like us – middle class Americans, first generation college students, young professionals and blue collar workers who fail to completely identify with either of the two reigning political parties, but who desire to have our voices heard by our representatives in government without sacrificing our ideals. We have real questions about why things are done the way they are in this country. We have real potential solutions to real problems. All we ask is that you bear in mind our non-expert status and offer constructive commentary, rather than attacking our views without some justification. In most cases, we welcome a healthy debate.


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