An Open Letter to Sunnie Kahle (and Christian tomboys everywhere)

My husband attended Timberlake Christian Academy as a child. Upon hearing this, he was stunned into shamed silence. The fact is, we can each have individual thoughts and feelings, but imposing worldviews upon children in your care and shunning them for not conforming to those views is not a service to anyone. I appreciated the kind and absolutely true words of this pastor to Sunnie. Having done untraditional activities such as tractor pulling as a kid, I appreciate kids who still do what they want to do and are unafraid to be different. May my children be this free one day.

Emily C. Heath

Dear Sunnie,

You don’t know me, but this morning I read an article about you. (You can read it here:  ) Ever since then you keep crossing my mind. As I went around town today in my jeans and button-down shirt and sweater, I thought about you. As I came home from the gym tonight, I prayed for you. And all the while, I wished I could write you a letter…the kind of letter I wish someone had written to me.

This is me when I was a few years younger than you. This is me when I was a few years younger than you.

I don’t know how to get one to you, though. I thought about trying to send it to your grandparents for them to read to you, but I’m not sure if it would make it there. So instead I’m writing this and posting it on my blog. Maybe somehow these words will find their way to your…

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